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  • You Have the Power to Improve Your Customers’ Online Searches 2019

     AKA, you can help them help your business. How?

  • Landing Pages for Short Term Goals in 2019

    All landing pages you publish are live on the web and have a unique URL, so you can share them and use them in your other campaigns and marketing materials.

    • Brand Creative Guidelines Rule in 2019

      Brand creative guidelines set up rules as to how your brand identity should be expressed creatively, no matter what scenario it’s in.

    • How Do You Create an Effective Brand Message in 2019?

      Brand messaging helps your target audience associate your brand with the qualities they value.
    • The Digital Age has Spoiled Us in 2019

      If your bid is high but your ad quality isn’t great and you have no ad extensions, your ad’s ranking would be low.

    • Ad Creative That Resonates With Your Audience for 2019

      Design for sound off.
    • Disabilities and Impairment to Help Understand Accessibility in 2019

      To better understand accessibility, it helps to know about different kinds of disabilities and impairments.

    • Mobile Messaging is Scary Effective in 2019

      Not only do 98% of mobile messages get read – 90% of them get read within 3 seconds of being sent. 
    • Implement Website Conversion Tracking in 2019

      Create a conversion action — what it is that you want to track.
    • Engage Your Audience with Stories in 2019

      As an advertiser, your ongoing challenge is to create meaningful engagement with your audience.
    • Know Your Audience, Using Personas Can Help in 2019

      To create effective personas, you obviously need to get to know your target audience.
    • Deliver Ads and Evaluate Outcomes with Facebook Pixel 2019

      There is a limited time frame, called an attribution window, during which we can reliably say an ad drove an action.