2019 Marketing Spectrum- From Cutting-Edge to Blissfully Ignorant

This blog post is about recognizing that your brand or offering may be consumed on a laptop today, an iPhone tomorrow, then on a smartwatch, then by voice command and eventually some other sensory cues with just the minimum of interactions for the consumer.


One would have to be blind to not see the value and relevancy of digital, these interfaces exist today, and their adoption by brands spans the spectrum from cutting-edge to blissfully ignorant.  The people that are cutting edge are risking and spending a great deal to understand the emerging possibilities, but the blissfully ignorant are taking risks, too:  They risk the possibility of becoming out of step with widespread cultural understanding of how digital experiences mesh with our surroundings and eventually, if the brands continue to ignore the trends, they risk irrelevance.


I heard Neil Patel say, “Marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits the consumer and sells itself and provides value. 

This leads me to the question, What is your mission?,  Who is your customer, What does your customer value?, What are your results?, What is your plan? 

We are in an age when these considerations are starring business leaders right in the face.  What the leaders decide to do with all of it will set the precedent for the coming years in my thoughts.  The younger generation will live with the benefits or consequences of whether we built disciplined processes.  And hopefully meaningful experiences for the human beings we interact with.


In 2019, from my experiences, the “best way to know the customer” now is to genuinely function as a knowledge center, connecting online with consumers, optimizing for insights, seeking to create more meaningful relationships with customers.  What different people value, for different reasons. 

It is 2019 people, we are living in a time where our personal data is collected invisibly as we pass through our physical surroundings.  For me, creating a framework for meaningful experience is key.  A model that doesn’t sell but succeeds by being relevant and helpful. 

A mindset to make data-based responsible decisions because we recognize the humanity it stands for and the helpful experiences in the future.

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