Ad Creative That Resonates With Your Audience for 2019

A single image is a standalone image that appears on your ad like the one that I used to bring you here. Use single images to offer a clean, simple format that features engaging imagery and text surrounding the image.


A video allows you to show off your product, service or business through moving visuals and sound. Use videos to grab people's attention with motion, show what your business offers and bring your message to life.


A carousel lets you show two or more images and videos, headlines, links or calls to action in a single ad. Use a carousel to create a compelling visual story about your business that customers can click through.


A slideshow allows you to turn images into eye-catching animated ads that play like a video without the time and money that might be required to produce an actual video ad. You can use multiple images, videos, text, and sound in your slideshow.


Tips to help you choose the right ad creative 2019


Consider your budget

If your resources are limited, that's OK.  Mine is too.  I do not consider my self an expert, however, this is good advice that has worked for me. You can create great images and videos on your mobile device. Additionally, if you have creative that you've used for other projects, consider using that in your ads.


Use images and videos

If you have both images and videos, create different ads with each. Using different creative assets in your ads will help you learn what resonates best with your audience


Combine creative using Facebook's tools

You can get creative with your images and videos when you create an ad on Facebook. For example, you can combine multiple images into a slideshow to create a video, or add multiple product images to a carousel so people can click through them.


Use little to no text in your images or video thumbnails

I've found that ads with 20% text or less perform better.


  1. Go to your Facebook Page.
  2. Select the blue Promote button.
  3. Select the ad objective you want to use.
  4. In the Ad Creative section, look for the dropdown menu below Format. Select Single Image.
  5. Below Single Image, select Browse Library.

In the Image Assets window, you'll see several options for selecting images.           

   6. Account: Select this tab if you want to choose from images you've already uploaded to Facebook.


You'll also see an Upload Images button. Select this button to upload images directly from your computer.

Stock: Select this tab if you want to choose from Facebook's high-quality stock images. Type a keyword to search for images. For example, if you sell fresh produce, try typing "fruit" or "vegetable" into the search box. Stock images are free to use in your Facebook ads.


Page: Select this tab if you want to search for images on the Facebook Page you're creating your ad from.


Instagram: If your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook Page, you'll see an Instagram tab and can select images from your Instagram account.


After choosing an image, select Continue.


If you followed these steps, you successfully uploaded an image for your Facebook ad. You can continue to create the ad you're working on or select Cancel to exit the creation process.


The copy is the text you include around the image, video or other creative assets you use in your ad. Your image or video may be the thing that first catches people's eyes, but your ad copy can clarify the message you're trying to get across and any actions you want people to take.


Your written message and image should individually tell your story but also complement each other.

Tailor your message to different people by creating separate ads.


Decide on a person who characterizes your audience and writes like you're speaking to them.

Use the same tone across all of your ads so that people recognize your message no matter where they read it.  Decide on the one thing you want people to know and say that.  Make your message clear and simple.  “Shop now” or “Learn more.” Not “Shop now! Connect here! Learn more!”


Using words and phrases that indicate time, like “today,” “now” or “this week” can add a sense of urgency.


In my experiences, there's no recipe for great ad creative, but one of the most important things to remember is that people will probably see your Facebook ad on their phones. So use videos and pictures that engage them quickly and don't take long to consume.


Think mobile first checklist


  • Use high-resolution images
  • Blurry images or images with poor lighting may cause people to skim right past your advertisement, or worse, have a poor experience with your ad.


  • Focus on a single focal point in your image
  • If there's too much going on in your image, it may be tough for someone to understand the message you're trying to convey.


  • Try using color contrast
  • Using contrasting colors may cause people to pause while scrolling and take a closer look at your ad.


  • Test a variety of images
  • When creating new images, try taking multiple versions of the same object from different angles and perspectives. Try out these different versions in your ads to see what resonates best with your audience.


  • Keep videos short
  • Your videos should be 15 seconds or less so that people are more likely to watch until the end.


  • Capture attention quickly
  • Put the most compelling part of your video at the very beginning to grab interest. We suggest you do this within the first 3 seconds.


  • Use vertical or square video
  • Most people hold their phones vertically, so choose a vertical or square ratio to cover the most screen area. Try 4:5


  • Design for sound off
  • People choose to watch videos with the sound off in many situations, like public places. Use text, graphics, and captions whenever possible.


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