Design Intentionally For a Meaningful Experience in 2019

In the last few decades, a place of great importance has risen in our everyday lives, “online”.

The word online describes a digital place, or places, however, it is also rooted in the experiences of those places.  As more of our time is spent online our relationships are increasing in this realm.


It was once clearly separate, the digital world and the physical world.  However, since the advancement of technology into society has led us to blur the lines thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and personal location data, wearable technology, ad targeting, VR and 3D printing.


Everything that was meaningful to us in the physical now seems to overlap into the digital.  Most of the experiences do not seem to be created with that awareness.  And these experiences feel rigid, stiff and not in touch with the audience- compared to those that are.

The ones who do stand out to me, they move us towards an understanding of what our future lives may look like as blending the digital realm continues to become more common.  We must design intentionally for a meaningful experience.  My life experiences connect the two realms.  It's all becoming trackable data-as our trackable interactions and transactions create the data stream that describes either space- the experience for me needs to be designed with respect and intention.


Human experience is customer experience for me.  If we are designing for human experience and engagement, my business objectives must mesh with what will be meaningful for my niche customer.  Which leads me to my next point.  How will I integrate the human experience into the design?

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