Do You Ever Struggle to Find the Right Audience for Your Services in 2019?

Content marketing is a great way to get new customers and help people form an opinion about your business. But you have to make sure everything you’re sharing online (blog posts, social media updates, images, etc.) reinforces your business values. That’s why it’s smart to come up with content themes.

Good news: Your current and potential customers are already giving you theme ideas by posting and sharing content they’re interested in. You just need to look for the topics that match your business values.

Strong content themes help guide your online posts to be the connection between your company’s beliefs and your customers’ interests.  Use this with 3 to 5 themes which act as guardrails. Most of the content you create should live within them.  Your themes should also be different enough that they don’t overlap, and specific enough to show your POV and actually be interesting.

People who feel emotionally connected to your business can become lifelong fans and customers. But to get there, your business has to be more than just a business. A brand identity can give your business a face and should appeal to customers’ emotions. This helps them see your company as more than goods and services, and understand why your products fit their lives better than your competitors’.

Creating a strong brand identity requires developing 4 statements. First is Brand Character: 1 word that tells people what your brand stands for. For example, one car company might be characterized as “safe” and another as “luxury.” There’s also a Vision Statement: 1 aspirational sentence communicating your business‘ motivations and goals. It’s a “who we are” statement that should be lofty, and excite and inspire employees, customers, and partners.

A Mission Statement, meanwhile, is more concrete and actionable than the vision statement and describes your business’ reason for existing. It’s all about what you actually do and what goods and services you offer people.  Now that you have your brand set, goals, and mission statement you can start targeting your audience by demographics, device, location, time of day, affinity... etc.   After 30 days of report analytics and see what content is creating shares, likes, and engagements.  Always enhance the landing page experience to create a seamless segway.

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