Does Keyword Cannibalization Have a Detrimental Effect on Search Engine Rankings.

Keyword cannibalization is one of the major issues that have a detrimental effect on search engine rankings.

When multiple pages on your website are targeting exactly the same keyword, they may eventually start competing against each other. Search engines will be forced to make a choice as to which page they should display in search results, and their choice may not be the one you want. If you are already suffering from cannibalization issues, you can use a 301 redirect. But if you're not sure how to do this, I recommend that you hire an experienced professional.

It may be a good idea to keep optimizing pages that already have higher rankings for your selected keywords instead of trying to take a low ranking page to the top. Working with those higher ranking pages may bring you better results and can save you a lot of wasted efforts and time.

A Featured Snippet designed to satisfy users' intent is a block of text located at the top of a standard Google organic search results page that presents users with a summarized answer to their question. Earning featured snippets is already a key SEO goal, and it may become even more important in the near future. Not only does it provide an amazing opportunity to boost your web page's visibility, but it also dramatically increases your click-through rates and traffic, and this, in turn, leads to a higher conversion rate.

If you add a true rating for your content by inserting the relevant markup code on your page, Google may reward you with a rich snippet that includes a row of golden stars. Getting this star rating is an amazing opportunity to make your site stand out among other search results, convince users that you are trustworthy, and, more importantly, increase your click-through rate and conversions.

Please note that your aggregate rating should be calculated based on the ratings provided by your page visitors. Otherwise, it may be considered spammy.

Try this it will help:

Use target keywords in <h1> tag.

Your <h1> tag does not contain any of your target keywords.

Try to add at least one of them to your <h1> tag.


Focus on creating more informative content.

The rivals that rank higher than you in the Google top 10 for some of your target keywords are using long-form content on their web pages.

Try to create more informative content.

Content length correlates with quality. Search engines try to provide more information to users, and thus sites with longer content tend to win higher rankings compared to those with insufficient content. That's why it is important to make sure the content on your pages isn't too sparse

Landing pages with video content tend to gain more user engagement than those without.

Embedding a video on your landing page will encourage users to spend more time on it. The longer users remain on your page, the more likely it is that search engines will consider its content to be high-quality, and, in turn, reward you with higher rankings.

Using your target keywords in your page's body may increase your chances of ranking higher in search results.

It is best to place your target keywords towards the beginning of your page.

Search engines use meta descriptions to understand what your page is about. Moreover, they are displayed in search results. A compelling meta description containing keywords users search for, may increase your page's click-through rate.

A <title> tag is a key on-page SEO element that helps search engines understand what your page is about, and users will see it in search results. A page that contains relevant keywords in its title tag has a better chance of ranking higher.

The ultimate goal of search engines is to provide users with the most relevant search results. As a result, if your meta description doesn’t meet certain requirements, search engines may decide to change it. Although this change shouldn’t affect your rankings, it may serve as an indication that your meta description doesn’t accurately reflect your page’s content and you should improve it.

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