Google Network Search and Display Help in 2019

So, what is this Google Network, anyway? The Google Network is divided into two areas: the Search Network and the Display Network — each distinguished by the types of sites on which your customers can see your ads.


I am a huge fan of the Google Search Network because I like how this network makes it super easy for people to find anything. When people need help with anything, they can simply turn to Google Search.


So how does Mr. X get started from here?

Because Mr. X set up his campaign to include keywords — the words or phrases someone uses to search on Google — his ads display at the top of the search results, making it easy to find him fast!


And because the Google Search Network displays ads across many sites and platforms, he likes how his customers can connect with him in multiple ways across different devices in moments of need. 


On the other hand, Karine prefers the Google Display Network. Here, she can showcase her bag designs in rich media formats on sites like YouTube or others with content related to her targeting.


Plus, she’s able to select the placements, the topics, and the audiences for her ads — all customizations that suit her attention-grabbing handbag ads just perfectly. 


However, the thing she likes most about advertising on the Display Network is that her ads can appear to so many potential customers on Google sites, like YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail, as well as millions of other websites around the world.


Finally, with the Display Network, she can choose to target a very large and yet very specific audience, so she can ensure she’s sending the right message to the right consumer.


On the Search Network, your ads may appear on:


-Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Maps, and Google Play.


-Search sites that partner with Google.


On the Display Network, your ads may appear on:


-Google sites like YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail.


-Partnering websites across the internet.


Ad formats let you choose how to communicate your business to your audience.


The Google Network can connect you with customers at the exact moment they're engaged in an online activity connected to what you offer — like searching for your product, reading a blog about your industry, or watching a related video on YouTube. Choosing the correct ad format for your campaign can ensure your ad is the most relevant and actionable for a particular customer at that moment.



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