Help Your Brand Manage Its Content Effectively and Affordably 2019



Start by measuring your content’s popularity, or how far and wide it spreads beyond the place where you posted it. Social media shares, likes, favorites, and retweets are all ways to keep track of amplification.


Another good way to measure amplification is by impressions or the total number of people exposed to a post. This number gets multiplied when people share a post, as people outside your immediate audience see your content.


Social media sites offer analytics reports that show you how many impressions your posts get. Pay attention to which posts perform well and which don’t. Then tailor your future content to what your audience likes.

You should also measure conversions or the number of people who see your content and take an action.


The action is what you want your viewers to do, whether it’s signing up for your newsletter, following your brand on social media, clicking a link, or making a purchase.


Some social platforms also offer pixel tracking programs, which allow you to embed snippets of code that offer insight into how people are interacting with your ads.


Once you start keeping track of your content’s amplification, impressions, and the number of conversions, review your numbers at least once a month.


Then, try to duplicate and improve on your success. Look for patterns and determine which posts are performing the best. Then use this knowledge as a guide for creating new content.


Also, pay attention to what content isn’t working and see if you can figure out why. If there’s a subject or type of post that is consistently falling flat, it’s probably time for a new approach. Test out different tactics and see what works.



It’s better to promote your most popular content rather than trying to prop up underperforming posts. If you’re paying to promote posts, choose ones that have already done well organically.

Tracking your content’s amplification, impressions, and conversions can help you measure the ROI of each post.

Start by calculating how much it costs to produce a piece of content. This includes expenses like labor, images, and writer and designer fees.







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