How do I know if my SEM campaign is working?


What are 3 common SEM goals?

What metrics do I use to track those goals?


You’ve chosen your keywords, you’ve created compelling online it’s time to bask in the glory of search engine marketing (SEM) success. Or is it?

To figure out if your SEM campaign is bringing in customers and making you more money, you need to set a clear goal and use key metrics to track that goal.


Your goal depends on your business needs, but 3 common ones are generating leads, driving purchases, and creating brand awareness.


You may want to achieve all 3 of those SEM goals, but you should focus on 1 main goal and use 1 key metric to track it.


For lead generation, you should track cost per lead, or CPL. Purchases can be measured with return on ad spend, or ROAS.

There isn’t 1 perfect metric to measure brand awareness, but you can track reach, frequency, or impact. We’ll focus on reach. To measure it, track how many unique visitors clicked on your SEM ads and landed on your website.

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