How Well Am I Targeting and Acquiring Visitors?

I always monitor how well that I am targeting and acquiring visitors to my site. Whether I am tracking e-commerce or goal conversions, I can evaluate my traffic sources by asking:


  • Which traffic sources have the highest conversion rates? Which have the lowest conversion rates?
  • Which traffic sources bring in the most revenue/highest goal value?
  • If you're tracking e-commerce: Which sources drive the highest-value transactions?
  • And which generate the highest user engagement?

Answering these questions will help direct and inform your marketing strategies.

Compare traffic sources in analytics, look at the table and see which sources and mediums send the most Users.  However, rather than user volume, I want to know which source and medium combination delivers the most conversion value and engagement for my business. 

Focus on conversion rates.  Review your top sources.  If the top conversion rates are compelling, you might consider devoting more marketing budget to those top sources.  It’s good to look at low converting sources and lower marketing efforts or consider removing.  Be careful some of these low converting sources may be strong at providing assistance with conversions on other channels.

The All Traffic report offers a different perspective on your data and provides a more holistic understanding of where valuable customers come from. It can show where marketing dollars are spent most effectively and help you reallocate your future marketing budget to maximize revenue.

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