Implement Website Conversion Tracking in 2019


Ever wonder how your ads are working — if those ad clicks are turning into profits? Here, we’ll explore how to set up conversion tracking to monitor those clicks and see if customers are taking the valuable actions you’re hoping for. 


Conversion source: Website
What are you tracking?

Completed customer actions on your website


A purchase, a newsletter sign-up, a click on a button


Conversion source: Apps
What are you tracking?

Completed customer actions on your app


An app install, a completed in-app action, such as a purchase 


Conversion source: Phones

What are you tracking?
Customer calls


Calls generated from your number in your ads, on your website, or a click on your mobile website


Conversion source: Imports

What are you tracking?

When an ad click leads to a conversion in the offline world
A click on an ad leads to a sale in your office or over the phone


Identifying the appropriate conversion source

Remember, prior to setting up conversion tracking of any kind, you first need to figure out what source you want to track. Sometimes the selection is more straightforward — say “apps” for example, if you want to track app activity. But what about phone calls that led to a website purchase? Always identify what activity it is that you want to track, not necessarily where that activity was initiated, and you’ll have the appropriate source.


Ready to get on board with using conversion tracking to see just how her ads are doing at generating conversions?



Step 1:    Create a conversion action — what it is that you want to track

Step 2:    Get your conversion tracking tag — a teensy bit of code that will track your users’ actions on the source that you’ve set up to track

Step 3:    Add the conversion tag to your website, so all those user actions you’ve identified will actually be tracked

Step 4:    Finally, check that the conversion tracking is working as planned


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