Is My Digital Marketing Really Working?

    Acquisition is a fancy word for getting new customers.  Acquisition used to mean getting any traffic to your website.  With all the data available now, you can focus on the actual value of the acquisitions you’re getting as well as the number of visitors.

To measure how well your digital marketing is doing you should track acquisitions on both your owned and rented channels (social).  Tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics can help you measure how much high-quality traffic you’re getting on rented and owned properties. 

For owned channels, I look at clicks and assists.  How many people interact with your online as and land on your website.  See how many people interact with your online as and land on your website.  This will let me know if the Ads are working hard enough to get site acquisitions.  An assist is when your digital marketing doesn’t make a sale happen the first time but is strong enough to get the customer to make the purchase later.

Sometimes a customer will come back to your website a few days later and buys.  This is an assist and that’s why the percentage of assists can measure your marketing acquisition power better than just a “click ad, land on site, immediate buy” metric for reporting.

In Google Analytics the assists are found under “Multi-Channel Funnels” or just “Funnels”

When I look at my rented channels, I track impressions, click through rates and shares.  Impressions tell you how many people have seen your content.    Click through rate goes a step further and shows you how many people were interested enough to click on that post or Ad and interact with it.  Shares are when people find my content relevant enough to show to their social network.  A good question to ask “ how can my website and social media help me get more acquisitions.  I like to use an interest or activity that my customers have or do that relates to your product. 

This can spark acquisition-friendly marketing ideas for your rented and owned channels. Please share, like and comment if this helps you.  


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