Linking Google Ads with Analytics Can Help Many Businesses Make Smarter Decisions

You have a niche business, but know how to reach the right audience.  Set up an account with Google Analytics, so you can have a better understanding of the visitors do when they reach your website.  The ads help reach a customer base that would be legitimately interested.  There are a variety of online ads, including search, banner, and pre-roll ads, all of which you can target to help reach people who might actually be interested in becoming customers.  Google ads let you create online ad campaigns and target potential customers.  It's best to associate your campaigns with keywords and phrases matched to terms that customers might search for or web content they might view.  You can get this in a Standard Plan.  Let us do the boring stuff.  The system allows me to broadcast various types of online ads - display, search and video ads - on numerous websites that Google either manages or has a partnership/relationship with. 

Display ads (banner ads), generally use text, images or animation to convey a message.   They show up on sites across the web, from popular news outlets to small blogs that focus on niche interests.  Search ads, meanwhile are ads that appear in Google search results when people look for things related to your business.  And video ads are great if you have content like a commercial you'd like to run before YouTube videos.  The ads help you see if people click your ads, go to your website, and make a purchase.

Many visitors might just be browsing your site.  Linking Google analytics and Ads can definitely help you learn about their experiences too.  

One stat you can dig into is CPC (cost per click) This ratio is the amount you spent on your ads against the number of clicks the ads are getting.  It's a good way to see the bang for the buck!

Linking Google Ads with Analytics can help many businesses make smarter decisions about their online advertising.  Ready to see if this is the right move for you?  10% off Standard Report with mention of this blog.  Start ranking up today.






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