Rank is Good. Clicks are Better. Dollars are Best!

  • High rank feeds your client’s ego, but it means nothing until you get clicks to your page.
  • Clicks are better, but not many clients grasp how valuable it is to rank where you do.
  • Dollars are best. Convert the clicks you get into a relatable dollar amount that they never got billed for.

This is Value gained. By increasing the number of organic clicks from last month, glencroft.com saw its biggest peak ever in their total value of organic clicks. Because this spike follows the same spike pattern as the previous chart total organic clicks per month, we can match the clicks increase to the value increase and confidently assert that the value increased from the number of clicks, as opposed to the value per keyword.

Overall this gives you a better way of looking at the value of your SEO campaign compared to PPC or even banners because the measurement is in dollars instead of clicks, views, or impressions.

And since this chart builds off of the previous chart, it is a good practice to confirm these clicks via Google Analytics.





Understand what drove your value. Look to the neighboring total organic clicks per month graph for comparison. If the two matches from the last month to this current month, the number of clicks most likely drove the value amount.

However, if I see your courses adjust, like total clicks going up while value stays stagnant, investigate the value of each click. If there is heavy attention on low-value keywords, it is time to refocus efforts on higher-value keywords.


Domain Clicks Change

This bar is an excellent at-a-glance summary of your clicks and value gained in the month. Consistent with letting you control the message, we show this bar only with neutral or better results for the month. In other words, if your clicks dropped from the last month, we will keep this summary off the page.

Positive changes turn the bar green. Neutral results remain a light blue.


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