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  • Reach Higher Value Audiences with Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA) 2019

    RLSA drives efficiency even if you are budget constrained. 
  • How to Make Your Mobile Site User-Friendly-2019

    Search and Display Network features that can help with mobile.


  • How Did That Ad Find Me? 2019

    Display ads pop up on our phones or on our favorite websites. Sometimes, it seems like they’re talking directly to us, or even reading our minds.

  • It’s Easy to Take Email for Granted in 2019

    It’s easy to take email for granted. It’s something that’s almost too available, you use it fairly often, you have it at work and at home… Wait. Le...
  • The Ability to Track Your Ads’ Performance is Just One of The Reasons Why Online Advertising Can Be a Valuable Tool in 2019

    Most ad platforms track and report on the clicks on your ads. While a lot of clicks can be a good thing, some clicks are more valuable than others.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in 2019

    Keywords are in tight spaces within your business like: questions your customers ask you, and your competitors’ website.

  • Is Your Digital Marketing Working or Needing a Makeover in 2019?

    What types of people are you trying to market and sell to?
  • Does Your Ad Campaign Have Goals in 2019?

    The type of campaign you choose to create should be based on your advertising goals. 
  • You Have the Power to Improve Your Customers’ Online Searches 2019

     AKA, you can help them help your business. How?

  • Landing Pages for Short Term Goals in 2019

    All landing pages you publish are live on the web and have a unique URL, so you can share them and use them in your other campaigns and marketing materials.

    • Brand Creative Guidelines Rule in 2019

      Brand creative guidelines set up rules as to how your brand identity should be expressed creatively, no matter what scenario it’s in.

    • The Digital Age has Spoiled Us in 2019

      If your bid is high but your ad quality isn’t great and you have no ad extensions, your ad’s ranking would be low.