The Dance of Attention in 2019

According to recent Ipsos eye-tracking research, the majority of TV advertising time (55%) goes unseen due to multitasking. Attention spans are declining. The average human attention span in 2013 was 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds.

How many of us have binge-watched our favorite series (Game of Thrones)? Nearly three quarters (73%) of US consumers—and nearly 90% of millennials and Gen Z—say they have binge-watched video. And close to 40% of the millennials and Gen Z are bingeing content weekly. The things we love, we want more of, and the things that don’t resonate, we’ll just skip. Consumers want more, and they’re getting it from multiple screens. Yet the way we advertise has not changed to adapt to consumer behavior.


Here are a few Google tools that help me uncover insights for grabbing and keeping attention.


Attention, signals, and insights

Google's data-driven tools enable you to see what's top of mind for an audience (in real time!), informing a video creative strategy that commands attention.


Tools to validate your ideas or spark new ones

Use Google’s data to validate your ideas or spark new ones. Find links to each of these tools at the end.

Looking for inspiration?  Zoom Organic is your one-stop for trendspotting, nowcasting, and deep audience insights. Browse the blog for Google best practices, to supercharge your creative process.

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Google Trends analyzes what people are searching for on Google and YouTube, uncovering what your consumers are buzzing about.


Here’s what Trends can do for you:

  • Discovery: See what people are searching for right now and find related topics that matter to your audience
  • Messaging: Find the right nomenclature (e.g., is your audience searching for “home improvement” or “DIY”?)
  • Planning: Find the right time to launch a campaign (e.g., when are people most interested in marriage proposals?) 


Want to validate a creative idea? Ask your customers.

For example: Are dog owners really cooking dinner for their dogs? Run a survey and gather responses in 24 hours.


Got a hunch?

Head over to Google Trends to see if it’s on the rise. Dig into different locations to see if it’s a trend or noise.


Dig into the data

Ready to validate your thinking and check if your idea is on track? Run a Google Survey. Once you get the results—typically within just 24 hrs—see what the crowd is telling you.


Tie it all together

Now that you have investigated and validated, your idea will have the most impact.

Supercharge the creative process with Google Trends, Think with Google, and Google Surveys. 


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