What is the Secret to Reaching Customers Online 2019?

Reach customers with targeting.  Some things are classics and do not change much for 2019, while other things are changing the industry as you read this.

Online advertising is all about getting the right message in front of the right person, at the right moment. 


What would you do?

You’re managing a Google Ads campaign for a company that sells high-end tech gear for a tech company, AI, and electronics. What’s the best way to drive sales for your products? 


Find potential customers online drrrrr


Before you start figuring out which targeting strategies to use, it’s helpful to visualize how you will find potential customers online. The following framework breaks this down in three distinct ways.


One aspect of targeting focuses on “WHO” is in your target audience.


Audience targeting helps you identify, re-engage, and expand your audience online. You can target those who actively intend to purchase your products and personalize your ads with relevant messages. All thanks to machine learning.


Example: For customers who abandoned a shopping cart without making a purchase, show ads with “20% Off Your Next Order!” to encourage them to complete the purchase. This is called remarketing.


Demographic targeting allows you to reach a specific set of potential customers who are likely to be within a particular age range, gender, parental status, or household income.


Another aspect of targeting focuses on “WHERE” your audience is.


“WHERE” can refer to where your customers are in the physical world (e.g., location and device targeting) or where they are online (e.g., contextual or topic targeting).



Suppose you've created an ad group to advertise your car dealership’s latest lineup and you've included keywords like “fuel-efficient cars” and “2019 electric cars”. We use contextual targeting to identify and place your ad on pages that match those keywords.


The final aspect of targeting focuses on “WHAT” is of interest to your audience.


With Google Ads, you can specify keywords based on what people are searching for. When people search for words like your keywords on Google or partner sites, you can display your ads alongside those search results.


Example: Say you own a Senior Living Facility. You can create keywords like “a place for mom”. When people search for “a place for mom”, your ad may show alongside those search results.


There are many powerful ways to use Google Ads to reach new and existing customers online. Other targeting courses will dig into the details of using each feature to achieve your business goals. For right now, consider the “WHO”, “WHAT”, and “WHERE” of your target audience.




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