Which Customer Behaviors Add Value to Your Business?

A good way for me to start is to think about how I want people to act when they land on my website or the one I'm working on and social media channels.  Some questions I have are: What pages should people visit?  What video content should they look at and share? 

Which behaviors are important to the company? Tools like Google Analytics help me track behavior metrics on owned channels like your website and rented channels like social media. When looking at my desktop website I track bounce rate and visitor loyalty. 

A low bounce rate is good it lets you know people are sticking around, however, it is also awesome because it means your website is fulfilling the expectations people had when they clicked the ad or search result.  Visitor loyalty tells you how often a person comes back to your site. 

To measure this set a goal for how often you want people to come back over a certain time frame. Slow load times are a big reason people bounce.  To get a full picture of your digital marketing, you should also track behavior on rented channels.  This includes YouTube and "stream-based" social media (when posts are moved quickly through a feed like a status update or Tweet.

-how many people looked at your video ads. (track shares and likes).  See what content is resonating.



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